QuietComfort Earbuds Ultra

Sound Shaped to you

Bose QuietComfort® Ultra Earbuds are the next generation of wireless listening. Enjoy the best in sound and noise cancellation that is perfectly yours.


Listen your way.

Say hello to earbuds uniquely tuned to the shape of your ears. Earbuds that adapt and automatically adjust for any distortionic. They personalize dance harder. Focus better. Hear your fave song like it's the first time all over again.

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Comfort and stability for any ear.

Nine possible combinations of eartip and stability bands (now even easier to swap out) ensure the most comfy and stable fit for your ears.

Control your music with just a touch.

Leave your phone where it is. Control music, answer calls, and adjust volume directly from the surface of your buds with Simple Touch.

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World-class noise cancellation

Quiet Mode engages full noise cancellation so you can focus. Aware Mode feels as if you aren’t wearing headphones at all.

Bose QuietComfort ® Headphones


You feel it the minute you put them on. The soft, plush cushions seal you in. Then you flip the switch and whoosh — the world fades. The music starts, and it’s love at first listen.

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More music. And awareness.

Aware Mode brings the outside world in with microphones that pick up the sounds around you and play them naturally through the headphones. It's your music and your environment at the same time. So you can hear everything you need to, but at a much more balanced volume.

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Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones Ultra

Bose Ultra Headphones

World-class noise cancellation, quieter than ever before.

Elevated design and luxe materials for unrivaled comfort. It’s everything music makes you feel taken to new highs. Bose Immersive Audio pushes the boundary of what it means to listen by taking what you’re hearing out of your head and placing it in front of you. It sounds so real it's almost like you could reach out and touch it.

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Bose - Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 - Silver

Sound Just Got Real

Breakthrough spatialized audio, World-class noise cancellation, CustomTune Technology for personalized sound.

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