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Add a bass module, surround speakers, or both to create a full home theater system and enhance your sound experience.

Bose - Bass Module 500 Subwoofer

Bose Bass Subwoofer 500

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Bose - Bass Module 700 Subwoofer

Bose Bass Subwoofer 700

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surround speakers

Bose Surround Speaker

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Bose - Surround Speakers 700

Bose Surround Speakers 700

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tv speaker with tv on a tv stand


The Portable Smart Speaker is a wireless home speaker, a portable Bluetooth speaker, and a voice-controlled speaker, all in one. Around the house, you can move it from room to room — and when you leave home, you can take it with you. Anywhere with Wi-Fi, you can control it with your voice and stream music directly from the cloud. Outside Wi-Fi range, you can control it like any other portable speaker with your mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth and listen to anything you can play on your device. And no matter what you listen to or where you listen to it, you’ll hear it all in 360 degrees of astonishing Bose sound. It’s the home speaker you won’t want to leave home without.

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Men holding the S1 Pro Portable Speaker


Sound like a pro. Anywhere. Anytime.

You've got the perfect playlist, now make sure everyone gets to hear it. That's what Bose® S1 Pro system was made for. It's a portable Bluetooth® speaker made for parties, outdoor get-togethers and all those times that deserve better sound. So, whether you're streaming music wirelessly or plugging in a microphone or instrument, bring a pro.


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Companion® 2 Series III multimedia speaker system

Companion® 2 Multimedia Speaker System

Upgrade your sound—and your experience

You can access a world of entertainment on your computer. Bose® engineering makes sure you hear it all with just two speakers. Unique digital signal processing produces consistently clear, full sound at any volume. So you’ll enjoy your favorite music, videos and streaming content even more than before.

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