VACU VIN Corkscrew Twister Black, Box

Model: 68814606-USA SKU: 68814606-USA

Product Features
  • The Vacu Vin corkscrew twister is our twist on a classic wine accessory. the twister is has a spacer for extra stability and grip
  • After removing the foil from your bottle, place the corkscrew on top of the wine bottle; while maintaining a firm grip, press the sides against the bottle, when the cork is extracted, remove the corkscrew from the bottle
  • The rubber strips make sure the bottle opener is secure and won’t turn while you drive the corkscrew into the cork
  • The corkscrew twister extracts all wine corks (irrespective of length) in a continuous, smooth and vertical motion. the wired corkscrew easily slides into all corks, both synthetic and natural, making opening a wine bottle a quick and easy task
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