Scosche MagicMount™ Pro2 4-In-1 Vent/Dash - Black


Product Features
  • SECURE: Our 4-In-1 car phone mount kit can be used on your vehicle’s vent or on a firm & flat dashboard surface area to mount your compatible mobile phone device
  • PORTABLE AND FREEFLOW VENT MOUNTS: The vent mounts are great for moving from car to car, travel, or rental cars, while the unique, open design of the FreeFlow vent mount allows air to flow freely from your vehicle's vent
  • ADJUSTABLE SWING ARM AND DASH MOUNTS: The patent-pending articulating swing-arm allows you to position your phone anywhere you want it. The dash mount secures a mobile phone device to your vehicle's dash on a firm & flat surface area
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MagSafe: Our specially designed mount head allows you to safely secure an iPhone 12 or later device with a MagSafe without having to use a MagicPlate
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