Make sure there is space

Measure before your order

Not sure where or what to measure? Before you purchase that perfect piece of furniture, follow Aaron's tips to ensure it makes it through the door and up the stairs.


1. Doorways

Make sure to measure your doorway's height and width from the inside of your door jams. Be sure to keep in mind how wide the door can open and note features like knockers and door knobs that might get in your way.

2. Stairways

Measure the width of your stairwell and its height to the ceiling from both the bottom and top of the steps. Take note of hand rails and other features that might snag on your new purchase.

3. Fixtures

It's easy to forget about light fixtures and chandeliers that aren't normally in your way. Move what you can so they don't become inconvenient obstacles.

4. Hallways

Make sure hallways to your destination are wide enough for your piece. Consider ahead of time whether turns and corners might create jams.

5. Think ahead

The easiest way to remove obstacles is to move them ahead of time. Choose a path in advance and clear it of furniture or objects that might impede your progress.

6. Outdoors

The space outside your door is just as important as the doorway itself. Having room to stage and maneuver furniture is the first step to getting it inside.

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