Jay@Play Flipazoo Flip N Play Friends - Butterfly & Cat

Model: 612DTV SKU: 612DTV

Product Features
  • SURPRISE RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES: The FlipaZoo friends are a two-in-one deal. Each Flipazoo starts as one character and can be easily transformed into another! You get double the friends for double the fun in just one FlipaZoo
  • SUPER SNUGGLY SOFT: FlipaZoo friends are notorious for being incredibly cuddly on both sides. No matter which friend you choose that night, you can fall asleep snuggling with a squishy, soft friend, making them a must-have for bedtime
  • POCKET-SIZED PAL: The FlipaZoo Mini Friends are perfect for keeping your pal on the go with you. Backpack, purse, or diaper bag sized, now you can cuddle with your buddy anywhere. Perfect for taking on vacations or weekends are grandma's
  • FLIP FOR FUN: When you’re ready to change your character, simply unfasten the belt and fold and fasten in the other direction. To change the character's face, roll one character out and the other in. It’s easy enough for kids to do it all on their own!
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