InvisibleShield GlassFusion Extreme Hybrid Glass 45mm Screen Protector for Apple Watch Series 7

Model: 200108669 SKU: 200108669

Product Features
  • Hybrid Impact & Scratch Protection | GlassFusion is made with tough, durable components that have been refined to a polished, glass-like surface
  • Chip and Crack Protection | The tough, durable components protect your screen from scuffs and scratches while retaining their smooth, glass-like properties
  • Easy Application | We've made installing your GlassFusion easy with EZ Apply tabs and a specially designed installation tray, so you get perfect alignment the first time
  • Flexible Protection | The flexible quality of this unique hybrid glass allows it to absorb shock and disperse impact before it reaches your screen. Your InvisibleShield may take a beating, but your screen remains safe and intact
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