Fashion Angels Cresent Moon Dream Light Design Kit

Model: 12539 SKU: 12539

Product Features
  • BOOSTS CREATIVE SKILLS - Our dreamcatcher craft set will allow your little lady to have fun while learning something new. With this DIY project, she can design and assemble a lovely and unique moon-shaped dream catcher. The kit includes easy to follow instructions for a stress-free experience
  • FUN BONDING ACTIVITY - Make-your-own dream catcher kits are a great hobby, weekend pastime or bonding activity with family and friends. Reduce your child's screen time by giving her educational, enjoyable and entertaining crafts to do
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR CRAFTERS - Children, tweens and teens who love arts and crafts will be delighted with this DIY dream catcher kit
  • LOVELY ROOM DECOR - Your little one will be proud and happy to see her art project hung inside her bedroom. The finished product from this DIY dream catcher kit is a magical addition to any corner or nook. The fairy string lights elevate aesthetics, but can serve as a night light too
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