Duncan Color Shift Puzzle Ball

Model: 3916PB-A SKU: 3916PB-A

Product Features
  • Excellent for developing minds | This puzzle ball makes for a straight-forward way to engage children in basic problem solving, assessment and motor-skills
  • Stimulates the mind and dazzles the eyes | 11 bright colors with a white shell makes for an eye-catching toy that helps hold attention for longer, the contrast also helps the toy stand out and makes it harder to lose
  • Compact and comfortable | The spherical shape naturally fits in the palm, and its compact size makes it easy to carry or toss in a bag. Each hole is also gently grooved to make holding the puzzle easier and keeps it in place when set down
  • Open for Challenges | Easy to pick up and play, but open for endless challenges, race against the clock, attempt to solve blind-folded, solve it under 10 moves, or co-op with friends
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