Definitive Technology Flagship Bipolar Tower Speaker With 12” Powered Subwoofer

Model: 300570-01-00-101 SKU: DM80

Product Features
  • Bipolar driver arrays direct more sound in more directions than traditional speakers for incredible depth of field and a truly enveloping listening experience. The bipolar effect can be adjusted to optimize room placement
  • DM80’s four 5.25” mid/bass woofers feature our patented Balanced Double Surround System™ technology (BDSS™). BDSS improves midrange driver excursion and provides a wide, uniform soundstage with seamless bass/mid integration
  • The DM80’s rigid, well-damped tweeters utilize a new aluminum oxide design to provide a smooth extended response with crisp transients and exceptional definition. Pinpoint-precise imaging imparts lifelike realism, whether you’re immersed in a movie or your favorite tunes
  • An integrated 12” subwoofer, powered by an all-new, high-performance GaN FET 400W amplifier, delivers clean, detailed bass that perfectly blends with mids and highs and feels consistent no matter where you sit. An all-in-one design means a simpler setup and a streamlined footprint
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