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    • Model: dball2
    • Sku: DBALL2
    • Databus All Combo Bypass And Door Lock Module
    • Covers Over 95% Of Cars On The Road Today
    • Supports Legacy Systems Like VATS And PASSLOCK
    • Supports Doorlocks And Override On Cars Like Toyota With Pushstart Ignition Systems And Chrysler With Electronic Ignition
    In Store Only
    • Model: 522T
    • Sku: 522T
    • Trunk Release Solenoid
    • Interfaces With Existing Latch Or Release Cable
    • Provides Power Trunk Release By Switch Or Remote
    • Comes With Mounting Bracket Hardware & Momentary Switch
    In Store Only
    • Model: 506T
    • Sku: 506T
    • Can be configured to work with or without a shock sensor
    • Detects frequencies produced by breaking glass or metal-on-glass impact
    • Glass impact audio sensor for Python security systems
    • Compatible With Directed Electronics Alarm Systems
    In Store Only
    • Model: CHALL
    • Sku: CHALL
    • Remote Start Data Interface And Door Lock And Alarm Control For Python Alarm Systems
    • Preloaded For Use In Late Model Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep Vehicles Equipped With "Tip Start" Anti-Theft Systems
    • No Key Required-Works With Your Factory Databus
    • Included 10-Pin Harness Provides Wires To Connect To Your Factory System
    • Maintains Factory Alarm Interface Integrity
    In Store Only
    • Model: 1101T
    • Sku: 1101T
    • Temporarily Overrides The Factory Immobilizer
    • Compatible With Any Hands-Free "Push-To-Start" Or "Smart Key" Systems
    • Maintains Integrity Of Factory Anti-Theft System
    • Universal
    In Store Only
    • Model: PKALL
    • Sku: PKALL
    • For Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Honda, Acura, Hyundai, Kia, Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Suzuki
    • Encrypted Ignition Data Override
    • Supports over 700 Vehicles
    • Upgradeable Firmware via the Internet
    In Store Only
    • Model: DLPK
    • Sku: DLPK
    • Compatible with over 550 Vehicles
    • Internet Upgradeable Firmware
    • Door Lock and Alarm Control via Data Bus
    • Push-to-Start Compatible
    • Works with Any Brand Remote Start or Alarm System
    In Store Only
    • Model: 556CW
    • Sku: 556CW
    • Remote Start Interface Module
    • Factory System-Compatible
    • Aftermarket-Compatible
    • Simple Installation
    • Compact Design
    In Store Only
    • Model: RFLUB
    • Sku: RFLUB
    • Add Your Pre-Programmed Transponder Pellet Into The RFLUB And Sealed It Using The Supplied Heats Hrink Tube To Obtain A Secure And Encrypted Transponder Bypass
    • Replaces The Need To Use A Second Module On Certain Vehicle To Bypass The Anti-Theft System
    • Universal RF Immobilizer Ring To Be Used With Any Pre-Programmed Transponder Pellet
    • Can Be plugged Into The DLPK Module And Allow It To Operate As A Combo Door Lock And Transponder Bypass Solution With One Single Module
    In Store Only
    • Model: 1701G
    • Sku: 1701G
    • Priority Unlock
    • Disarm/Unlock Driver or All Doors
    • Autolock with Speed
    • Auto Unlock at Key Out
    • Ignition Status Output
    • Drunk/Hatch and Door Trigger Output
    In Store Only
    • Model: 507M
    • Sku: 507M
    • Digital Tilt Sensor for Car Alarm
    • Ultra-Sensitive
    • Can Be Integrated with Most Security Systems
    • Tilt / Motion Sensor
    • Detects Towing Attempts
    • Protects Expensive Wheels
    In Store Only
    • Model: 504D
    • Sku: 504D
    • Full Alarm Responds Upon Hard Impact
    • Warning Alarm Responds Upon Light Impact
    • Adjustable Sensitivity
    • Uses Patented Electromagnetic Technology
    In Store Only
    • Model: XK01
    • Sku: XK01
    • Preloaded With Upgradeable Firmware Compatible With Select GM, Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep Vehicles
    • Primary Interface Control Functions Include Door Locks, Trunk Release, Factory Alarm, Door Pin Status Output, Driver, Passenger Sliding Door Control & Window Roll-Up
    • Programmable
    • Compact & Durable
    In Store Only
    • Model: DLPKGM
    • Sku: DLPKGM
    • Total GM Remote Start And Alarm Interface Solution (COMBO)
    • GM (All J1850) Doorlock & Passkey Interface
    • Self-Learning Data Bus Interference Module
    • Ready To Install Right Out Of The Box
    In Store Only
    • Model: DLPKKICH3
    • Sku: DLPKKICH3
    • Electronic Ignition Switch Wafer
    • Integrated RF Transponder Bypass
    • High Speed CAN Bus Control of Door Locks and Factory Alarm Security Control
    • Self-Configuring And Ready To Go
    In Store Only
    • Model: 530T
    • Sku: 530T
    • Deluxe Powered Window Module for DEI Alarms
    • Integrate Factory Windows With Security System
    • Remote Control Operation
    • Automatically Rolls Up Power Windows
    • Compact for Hidden Installation
    In Store Only
    • Model: XK07
    • Sku: XK07
    • Programmable High Speed CAN Controller
    • Interfaces with Vehicles Equipped with a High Speed Controller Area Network
    • Pre-Loaded With The Latest Firmware
    • No Key Required
    In Store Only
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