Cafe 5.75 CuFt Smart 6-Burner Dual-Fuel Commercial-Style Range in Matte White with Air Fry and True Convection

Model: C2Y366P4TW2 SKU: C2Y366P4TW2

Product Features
  • Versatile Cooktop - the versatile cooktop on this commercial-style range features an entire arsenal of burners that give you the right amount of heat and control to perfectly cook anything from delicate sauces to expertly seared meats
  • Caterer Oven - a large capacity oven that fits a full-size catering pan and has three racks, large 8-pass bake and broil elements for even heat coverage, and Precision Oven modes for meals of any size
  • Color-Matched Manifold with LCD Control - get a coordinated look with a manifold that matches the range's finish and an LCD control panel that provides information like oven and probe temperatures and cooking time for perfect cooking results
  • Superior Heat Distribution - the Inspiral burner swirls the cooktop flame under cookware to more evenly spread heat from the center to the edges
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