Austere VII Series \\ Power 6-Outlet w/ Omniport USB & PD With VII Series 8K HDMI Cable 2.5m and Screen Cleaning Kit

Model: AUSBUN2500 SKU: AUSBUN2500

Product Features
  • Austere 7SPS6US1
  • VII Series Power 6-Outlet With 45W USB-C PD port Omniport USB \ 4,000 Joules, PureFiltration, Flameless MOV, Overcurrent Protection, SmartFit Outlets, WovenArmor Cable & Component Guarantee
  • Austere 7S8KHD225M
  • VII Series 8K HDMI Cable 2.5m \ Ultra High Speed HDMI, 48Gbps for 8K60 & 4K120, Dynamic HDR, eARC, Gold Contacts, Silver-Plated Conductors, LinkFit Locking Connectors & High Flex Cable
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