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Whether you're connecting to a cellphone, speaker, or even your car, when thinking of wireless, most people think of Bluetooth. It's easy to do and we've been using it for years. Now, many audio companies are offering not only Bluetooth solutions, but Wi-Fi as well. Wi-Fi provides a powerful signal so that you can connect your speakers over greater distances than Bluetooth can handle. Wi-Fi enables you to connect multiple speakers, in multiple rooms, with very little setup. Also, many of the Wi-Fi speakers have Bluetooth technology. Just take a look below.
Stream Music In Every Room
Fill your home with your favorite music using a wireless multiroom audio system. Stream from your existing Playlists, Music Providers, and/or Radio Stations with just a tap of your tablet or smartphone. Play your music in one room while someone else is playing theirs in another. Or, play the same song all throughout the house. With the intuitive APP, it's all at your fingertips.
One App To Control Everything
Each multiroom audio manufacturer provides a free, easy to use APP that enables you to control every Wi-Fi connected speaker in every room of your house. The APP also provides access to your music streaming services such as Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, and iHeart Radio and enables you to play your music wherever you have a Wi-Fi speaker set up.
What is Sonos?
Sonos is the smart speaker system that streams all your favorite music to any room, or every room. Control your music with one simple app, and fill your home with pure, immersive sound.

We're talking full-on surround sound here. Total sonic immersion. Add a pair of PLAY:1s, PLAY:3s or PLAY:5s to PLAYBAR and SUB - suddenly you're right in the center of the action with vivid sonic details coming from every direction.
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wireless music systems

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Music makes the moment. Bose and Spotify make it better.

Only Bose® SoundTouch® gives you the freedom to listen to Spotify any way you want. And our new in-app integration makes it easier than ever.

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The Spotify app has powerful search and sharing features.
Our SoundTouch® app includes multi-room control.
Listen to your favorite Spotify playlist just by pressing a preset on the system.
Use Bluetooth® to stream content from your wireless devices.
    a new world of wireless freedom
Now Yamaha makes it easy to bring music to every room in your home wirelessly.

Whether you start with a single speaker or the ultimate home theater, MusicCast expands to fit your needs, providing wireless multiroom audio playback controlled by a simple app.

Available in a wide range of AV receivers, sound bars and speakers, MusicCast offers more options and versatility than ever before.

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With the addition of MusicCast, the nation's best selling AV receiver brand just got better!

Now you can build a high-performance wired home theater system in your main entertainment room, then quickly and conveniently add music to other rooms wirelessly.

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Experience room-filling sound and wireless freedom. Just plug in a WX-030 wherever you want music in your home - the kitchen, bedroom, office or just about anywhere - and control the whole system with a simple app. Available in white/silver and black.

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The free MusicCast app puts control of your whole home listening experience in the palm of your hand.

Quickly select the room or rooms you want to use, select your source, browse your library and control music playback.

MusicCast uses your existing Wi-Fi network to stream music wirelessly throughout your home.

Play different music in each room, combine rooms or get everyone listening to the same thing.

MusicCast devices support both Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet connections, so you can also choose to build an all-wired network if desired.

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Love your music
It's easy to find and play the music you love from all the best sources, like Samsung Milk Music, Pandora, Spotify, Napster, iHeartRadio and many more.
Play Your Way
The Multiroom App 2.0 puts you in command. Use the dial to browse your music. Play different songs in different rooms-or play the same song all throughout the house.
Samsung Wireless Multiroom Audio
Discover an all-new audio experience that projects rich, balanced sound in every direction. The Samsung Radiant360 Wi-Fi speaker uses Ring Radiator technology to make this incredible omnidirectional sound possible.

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Take control
You can use your phone or tablet to stream your favorite tunes. Plus, control your playlists-on one speaker or multiple speakers-from anywhere in your home using Wi-Fi.
Hear 360° of rich, balanced sound
Unlike conventional speakers that transmit sound from just one side, the Radiant360 provides an all-new audio experience that projects rich, balanced sound in every direction. So everyone in the room hears the same exquisite sound.

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