A drone is basically a flying robot. It can be controlled remotely or be pre-programmed. Drones have been used for search and rescue, surveillance, monitoring traffic and weather patterns, journalism, and even firefighting.

They're fun to fly, and you can get one for under $100. Before you go out and buy one there are some things you should know first.

Drones are basically made in three grades: Consumer Grade, Prosumer Grade, and Commercial Grade.

Consumer grade drones are typically priced under $300. For that price, you can get a quad copter, sometimes with a camera and a micro SD card. This may be just the thing for some people to get started in the hobby. You'll learn how to fly from the ground up. These drones are smaller, but you probably won't lose them-the range is 100 feet or so, with 10 minute flying time.
Until you've learned how to operate it, count on a few crashes. You see, much like learning to drive a stick-shift car is more complicated than an automatic, learning to fly a consumer grade drone is harder, too. You do a lot of work that could be automated.

Prosumer grade drones start about $300. There are a lot of choices as you go up to a max of about $1,500, and you will see and feel where your money went.

Drones in this price range typically offer longer lasting batteries, much longer range, computer automation that keeps the drone stable in the air, even on windy days, built-in video in the controller, or controllers that work with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, built-in HD cameras with bigger memory cards to handle all that HD video, or gimbal attachments for your own Activeon or GoPro camera, and GPS integration that allows the drone to follow a flight path-or to follow you.
Follow Me
Imagine water skiing and having your drone filming you the whole time. It's not just fun, but practical, too. Drones with GPS can sense a low battery charge, and automatically bring the drone back to where it started and land it safely. The computer stabilization means your video stays in frame and in focus, even in the wind.

Drone Case
Some better drones come with cases, but if yours doesn't, a case can protect your investment. There are backpack type cases, and cases that open up like a suitcase. These have molded foam that fits your drone, the controller, and accessories like a glove. Also, cases with wheels to make transport easier.

How about extra batteries? Chances are you'll be having so much fun the time will fly and you'll wish you had an extra battery or two charged and ready. Extra blades are also good to have because even the best drone with an experienced flyer can clip something that causes the blade to sheer off and end the day's fun.

Now, you may have heard that the FAA is now requiring drones to be registered. A few bad eggs have flown their drones some places they should not have flown them, and the FAA wants you to register yours. The good news is it is only a $5.00 fee, it's good for 3 years and the same number covers all your drones. It can be registered easily here: FAA Drone Registration.

If you are a worrier-prosumer grade drones with GPS also have another big advantage: you won't get in trouble flying them near the airport because their GPS automatically prevents the device from flying within 5 miles from the airport.

Commercial grade drones are truly specialized drones. You can probably imagine drones herding sheep, delivering pizza, or even guiding a lost student around campus. Commercial drones are changing the face of Hollywood, too: Actors are being filmed in front of drone-mounted cameras, and paparazzi have even used drones to try and get those sneak shots of the rich and famous.
Commercial Grade Drones

Drones as a hobby are taking off in a lot more ways than one. And here at BrandsMart, we have a full team of knowledgeable specialists and drone enthusiasts who will help you pick the right one for you and help you get it flying today.

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