From vacuuming to floor scrubbing or floor mopping, home cleaning robots are the perfect blend of performance and convenience - but not all robots are created equal. There are beginner models and models with advanced cleaning features, models based on the size of your home and the size of the job you need done. Here are some helpful tips on how to buy a home cleaning robot that meets your needs.

Choose Your Home Cleaning Robot

There are three types of floor cleaning robots to choose from – vacuuming, floor mopping and floor scrubbing. Vacuum cleaning robots clean rugs and hard floor surfaces for you, easily transitioning from one surface to the next. If you are looking to reduce the frequency of deep washing your hard floors, you should select a floor scrubbing robot, especially one that uses only clean water to wash your floors (unlike a mop that puts dirty water back down). Floor scrubbing robots are generally safe for use on tile, linoleum, vinyl, marble, slate, stone and sealed hardwood. And if you are looking for a clean and quiet mopping, you should select the floor mopping robots. No matter your need, you should look for a robot that can engage and adapt to your home environment.

Choose Your Features

Once you've decided if you want a vacuum cleaning, floor mopping or floor scrubbing robot, then you can dive into the cleaning features. For vacuuming, think about your home. Do you have a pet? Look for a model with an advanced cleaning head to deal with all the hair (and maybe a full bin indicator to let you know when the bin is full.) Hate dealing with fine dust? Choose a model with HEPA filters. Need a model to clean for you when you are not home? Keep your eyes out for on-board scheduling. Now if it's floor scrubbing that you want your robot to do, think about what size room you want to clean. There are models for large spaces and models for tight, hard-to-reach areas like around the toilet. If you are not interested in sweeping before the robot gets to work, choose a model that does the floor prep for you. And for the floor mopping, you need to think about the size of your room, and how long you want your robot to clean for.

What to Expect From Your Robot

It's important to understand how a home cleaning robot fits into your cleaning routine. For example, a vacuum cleaning robot is not a replacement for your standard upright or canister vacuum. Why? It's because a robot will not do drapes, stairs or couches. It sticks to what it's great at, thoroughly and efficiently vacuuming your floors for you, so you can spend your time doing other things. Same thing with a floor scrubbing robot, be aware of the unique features of your home and the job you need done. For example, if your home is mostly carpeted, a floor scrubbing or floor mopping robot is probably not the best choice for you. For each robot, you will need to perform regular maintenance on the robot - taking care of brushes, filters, etc to ensure it continues to operate at peak performance!

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