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Episode Episode Number
Melt With You DMGD-313H
Teal Table and Pink Chairs DMGD-312H
A Mega Tale from the Crypt DMGD-311H
Holy Stripes of Happiness DMGD-310H
Four Footsies and a Fire Truck DMGD-309H
Buddha Head and Purple Heart DMGD-308H
A Buffet of Flowers DMGD-307H
Mega Dens Invades Maine to Give Blog Cabin 2012
a Family Fun Hangout
A Gold-Medal Mega Den DMGD-305H
Colorful Basement Surprise DMGD-304H
An Aviation-Themed Mega Den with a Jumbo Jet Fuselage Home Theater
and a Layover Lounge
Crouching Table Hidden Flatscreen DMGD-302H
Beige Box Breakout DMGD-301H

Episode Episode Number
Showing Some Leg at the Hotel Bar DMGD-213H
340 Bottles of Wine on the Wall DMGD-212H
Ain't Too Pretty to DIY DMGD-211H
Mega-Packed Mega Den DMGD-210H
Totally Sweet Teen Suite DMGD-209H
Word To Your Mega DMGD-208H
Attack Of The Backyard Drive-In DMGD-207H
Toys In The Attic DMGD-206H
All Aboard For A Mega Den DMGD-205H
Behind The Barn Doors DMGD-204H
Date Night In The Basement DMGD-203H
Blog Cabin Goes Mega DMGD-202H
Three For The Show DMGD-201H

Episode Episode Number
Rockin' The Suburbs DMGD-113H
The Mom Cave DMGD-112H
Something's Fishy DMGD-111H
Blood, Sweat, And Tears DMGD-110H
Make Space For Grace DMGD-109H
The Dead Zone DMGD-108H
Attic Attack! DMGD-107H
Massive Mega Den DMGD-106H
The Space Station DMGD-105H
The Tree House DMGD-104H
The Outback DMGD-103H
Luckie Lounge DMGD-102H
Meet Your Mega Den DMGD-101H

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